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We recently updated the Toolkit, taking into account feedback from Toolkit users from around the world.  With revised versions of several modules, an expanded Facilitator’s Guide, more resource suggestions, and a guide on how to plan a program evaluation, we anticipate that this new version of the Toolkit will be even more helpful to facilitators and educators who are designing high-impact, experiential leadership development programs for youth.

Our vision….

We are excited about creating a world where youth are engaged in their community and in creating positive futures.  We believe that as youth feel more empowered about their future – academic paths, career choices, and personal decisions – they will become more effective as individuals and working in concert with others.  Ultimately, they will be able to meet the challenges our world currently faces.  The first step in this process is through providing youth the support and resources they need to cultivate their leadership skills and styles.  The Early Leadership Toolkit is an affordable and engaging way to help students take the first step in their leadership journey.

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Why the Early Leadership Toolkit….

We believe that all youth have the potential to lead and to cultivate their leadership skills for current and future endeavors.  But over and over again, we are confronted with the situation that only select students are able to take advantage of leadership seminars or retreats because of cost, selection criteria, or the difficulty in understanding and/or implementing leadership training programs.

The Early Leadership Toolkit is one of many initiatives we have developed to make high quality and transformative leadership development experiences accessible and affordable for young people everywhere.

This toolkit will provide youth facilitators – teachers, coaches, NGO staff, peer counselors – who do not typically have access to easy-to-implement, dynamic leadership development training resources with the know-how, tools, and materials needed to create transformative leadership development experiences.

How it works….

ELT-7Composed of 20 modules based on core competencies of leadership, the Early Leadership Toolkit is designed to be flexible and dynamic so that facilitators can adapt it for use with their particular group.  The modules are organized into four major themes of leadership development:  Understanding Self, Understanding Others, Leading Self, and Leading Others.  Modules can be used separately or in combination for a range of applications, from a large group leadership retreat to one-on-one coaching, so facilitators can create the program format most suitable for their group.  For example, a teacher-sponsor of a service club might use select modules to help students better plan and implement their important service projects. A youth group leader might choose different topics to help translate abstract concepts of self-development into concrete learning experiences.  This flexibility also allows facilitators to create leadership programs of any length for the youth they work with.  From a half-hour conversation that revolves around a basic leadership concept to a week-long retreat that is built on several modules, the toolkit can be used to create a customized program.  

The Toolkit is currently available in a hard-copy format.  We are currently working on creating a digital format. Recognizing that facilitators located around the world have very different abilities to access technology, our first priority was to create a low-tech version that could be used anywhere.

The Toolkit also comes with a variety of tools developed to foster better communication and create “learningful conversations.”  These include:
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Who should use the kit…

Anyone who works with youth, particularly around issues of youth leadership and development, can use the toolkit.  In addition to the 20 modules, the kit comes with a variety of interactive tools like  Visual Explorer and Money HabitudesModules are designed to provide experiential learning so students stay engaged with the material.  This hands-on approach ensures even facilitators with little experience in leadership training are able to successfully guide students through the leadership learning process.

The Toolkit is currently designed for high-school and college aged youth.  We are also working on creating versions appropriate for elementary and middle school aged youth.  The Toolkit has been used with local and international audiences as facilitators adapt our content to their specific culture and context.

If you have any questions….

If you have any questions or would like to know more about this toolkit, please contactLBBInfo@ccl.org.

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