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We can change the world. We believe that developing leadership and human capacity can enhance the human condition. Through our societal advancement efforts, CCL works directly with youth, women, and underserved populations, and builds the capacity of organizations that serve these groups. We partner with other institutions to co-create knowledge and solutions that use the lever of leadership to create a better world.

The great challenges of our world relate to the ability of people to work together to transcend their differences and transform their environments. We launched Leadership Beyond Boundaries (LBB) in 2006 with the belief that making leadership development more available and accessible to all is fundamental to creating a more peaceful and prosperous world.

The LBB initiative, which now spans some 30 countries, is a growing movement to develop leaders at all levels – from street children to senior government leaders. Drawing on nearly 5 decades of leadership expertise and resources, we partner with schools, universities, NGOs, and training organizations to develop human capacity at scale. Together we’re tackling issues related to education transformation, social conflict, women’s empowerment, HIV/AIDS, economic development, workforce readiness, and social innovation and entrepreneurship. We seek collaborators who believe in the potential of all people to create positive change in their lives and the world at large.













WomenWhat we believe:

• Leadership Matters 
The future holds much hope and promise. Never before have we been so well-equipped to address the challenges of our world. It is leadership—our capacity to act together towards a common goal—which allows us to build a more just and sustainable future. Effective leadership builds a bridge between hope and sustainable, relevant impact.

• Leadership is for Everyone
We need leadership at all levels of society. Addressing the world’s most pressing problems requires work at all levels, not just at the top of our most powerful institutions, but also on the ground level in isolated villages and impoverished neighborhoods. From elementary school students, filled with possibilities, to senior citizens, rich with the wisdom of life experience, leadership development can meet each person where they are and open the door for transformative change within themselves and in their world.

• Leadership can be Developed
CCL has over 40 years of experience in researching what makes leaders effective. We have turned research into a collection of assessment tools, training programs, digital learning tools and publications that have been used by the world’s foremost institutions and organizations for decades. We know how to teach leadership. Now, CCL’s Leadership Beyond Boundaries movement is democratizing access to leadership development, allowing new populations unprecedented access to CCL’s cutting-edge leadership development tools and training.